Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Mist

The extent of my hair styling is the occasional drying of it. If I'm feeling adventurous I straighten it too. More often than not I leave it to dry into a massive triangular bush of ridiculousness and put it into a ponytail if I need to leave the house. Despite this, I seem to have amassed a large collection of stuff to put in my hair.

I thought I'd try out a (hopefully) easy to use protection spray during my first foray into hair care. I reckon even I couldn't mess up if it's not something that's going to stickify or solidify my hair so I picked the Heat Protection Mist for no other reason than it was the tallest in the row of bottles. It's supposed to protect your hair during heat styling so you use it before the dryer and again before straightening if that's your thang.

Packaging: Run of the mill spray canister. Having stylised vertical writing made reading the directions a bit awkward because I had to turn the bottle over but that's about the extent of how much notice I gave it.

Smell: Pleasant and not too overpowering either when I used it or on my hair afterwards.

Feel: Went on as a fine mist for good coverage. Didn't feel sticky like some leave in products can in your hair although I noticed the hairbrush pulled a little during drying. That may have been my daughter's hair band that got caught n the bristles, though.

Look: My husband says my hair is less 'big' now. After some prompting. I'm not sure it's made any noticeable difference at the pre-straighten stage but it does feel sort of healthier. Somehow.

Available: Boots have it for £6.39 and they currently have an offer on for buy one, get the second half price.

Love or Bin: Meh. I'll keep using it to see if it builds up to loveliness. 

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