Monday, 1 July 2013

Nails Inc Portobello

Even I haven't missed the hype about Nails Inc, although I've never tried it. The last time I bought nail varnish (yes, I'm so old it's still called varnish not polish!) I must have been about 15 when the deep burgundy trend hit. This bottle came courtesy of Glossybox  and I've snuck in while Pops is having her nap to update my nails.

Packaging: A teeny wee bottle. There's not much to say about a bottle of nail polish is there? I went digging on the Nails Inc website to try and find the colour name as that doesn't seem to appear on the bottle (surely that's not normal?) and it seems the bottle size is the original size (10ml) and not the miniature I thought it was. Flipping hefty price tag (£11) for that much polish. It had better be good!

Smell: Like nail polish, surprisingly. Not too overwhelming, compared to some, but not the best smelling one I've ever come across.

Feel: First coat went on really easily, like I was putting water on my nails. It dried really quickly, and the second coat went on just as easily. Again, it's dried much quicker than I'd expect.

Look:  I didn't have high hopes to be honest, it looked as though I'd taken a highlighter to my nails. I wasn't convinced that a second coat would be the final one, but they've got a nice even colour and are no longer semi-transparent. Still looks as though I've got highlighter on my nails though. I don't think I'm cut out for neon. I have too much red in my wardrobe for a start. The finish isn't as glossy as I'd have thought it would be but that might be because I'm meant to put a topcoat on. Ha.

Available: Widely available from Debenhams, Selfridges, House of Fraser etc. £11 for a small bottle, which unless it turns out to never ever chip isn't worth it in my opinion. If it doesn't chip easily I may try out a more suitable colour but otherwise a cheapie from the supermarket is just as good, as long as you factor in an extra 5 minutes drying time.


Edit: I've had it one for about 7 hours and there's chippage on all but 1 nail. Not impressed.

Love or Bin: BIN, definitely!

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