Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Glossybox of Monthly Perfection

Let me tell you the type of person I am.

I'm the one who takes so long to make a purchase decision that I lose all interest in the product and don't buy anything at all. I'm that person.

My Pinterest board of beauty products that I simply must try is full of things that I'll never, ever buy because I'm crippled by indecision. Which of the 'must use' foundations must I use? Which 'best beauty buy' must I buy? What do I do?!

Clearly my long-suffering husband has had enough of me because he's discovered a brilliant buy in the form of Glossybox. For a very reasonable monthly subscription fee I'm being sent a box with 5 'deluxe beauty miniatures' targeted to my skin and hair type. I got my first box for my birthday and was pretty impressed with how glam it looked, full of poncy ribbons, tissue paper and shredded hoohaa. The miniatures weren't really miniature either. The lip liner (hmm, I wasn't ace with that the first time round and now my hands are older and shakier...) is full sized and the lip balm is a pretty hefty 12.5ml tube.

I'm sure the boxes will be hit and miss but they'll definitely be better than not trying anything, and I'll get to broaden my beauty horizons! I'm looking forward to experimenting with the items this weekend.

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